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Maret 1, 2011

4. Question task

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Question task

  1. Mr. McGuinness is from Ireland, isn’t he?
  2. The car isn’t in the garage, is it ?
  3. You are Novry, aren’ you ?
  4. She went to the library yesterday, didn’t she ?
  5. He didn’t recognize me, did he ?
  6. Cars pollute the environment, don’t you ?
  7. Mr. Pritchard has been to Scotland recently, hasn’t he ?
  8. The trip is very expensive, isn’t it ?
  9. He won’t tell her, will he ?
  10. Hugh had a red car, didn’t he ?


  1. Who sits next to Frank? Clara.
  2. Where does the boy come from? He’s from Newcastle.
  3. How old are her children? They are seven and ten.
  4. When is Peter’s birthday? In April, I think.
  5. How much is the shirt? It’s twenty pounds.
  6. Who is best at playing tennis? It’s Bob.
  7. Where are you going? I’m going to my friends.
  8. When does the restaurant open? It opens at six o’ clock.
  9. Where can I get some ice cream? You can get some at the snack bar.
  10. What are you going to order? Fish and chips.

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