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Februari 28, 2011

1. Latihan soal Present Perfect dan Simple Present

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Present Perfect Tense


Subject + Have +  Verb 3 + ….Has


a. Untuk menyatakan suatu perbuatan yang terjadi pada waktu lampau dan waktunya tidak tertentu.

Contoh :

William Shakespeare has written many short stories.

I have swept the floor. It looks clean now.

  1. Untuk menyatakan peristiwa yang pernah dilakukan dan mungkin dilakukan lagi di waktu yang akan datang.


My friends and I have gone to Bali.

Shinta has visited her grand parents many times.

KETERANGAN WAKTU: Since, for, just (baru saja), already, yet, so far.

Soal Present Perfect

  1. He (work) has been working in this company since 1985.
  2. I (wait) have been waiting for you since two o’clock.
  3. Mary (live) has been living in Germany since 1992.
  4. Why is he so tired? He (play) has been playing tennis for five hours.
  5. How long (learn / you) have you been learning English?
  6. We (look for) have been looking for the motorway for more than an hour.
  7. I (live) have been living without electricity for two weeks.
  8. The film (run / not) has not been running for ten minutes yet, but there’s a commercial break already.
  9. How long (work / she) has she been working in the garden?
  10. She (not / be) has not been in the garden for more than an hour.

Simple Present Tense


Subject + Verb 1 + ….They /   We

I   /   You

Subject + Verb s-es + …. He  /   She



a. Untuk menyatakan suatu kebiasaan (habitual action) atau kegiatan yang terjadi berulang – ulang dan terus menerus.

Contoh :

The students go to school everyday.

She studies English twice a week.

I go to church on Sundays

We celebrate our independence day once in a year.

b. Untuk menyatakan kebenaran umum (general truth).


The sun rises in the east and sets down in the west.

The earth revolves round the sun.

The pineapple never grows up on a tree.

c. Digunakan dalam bahasa drama, komentar radio dan sejenisnya.

When the curtain rises, Juliet is writing on her desk. Suddenly the window opens and a masked man enters.


  1. Every morning/day/week/month/year
  2. Once, twice, three times, four times, …
  3. Adverb of frequency : always, usually, sometimes, often, never, seldom.

Soal Simple present

  1. I / to collect stamps –  I collect stamps.
  2. We / to play card games – We play card games.
  3. He / to read comics – He reads comics.
  4. Chris / to sing in a band – Chris sing in a band.
  5. We / to have a hamster – We have a hamster.
  6. Andy and Jhon / to like cola – Andy and Jhon like cola.
  7. She / to be nice – She is nice.
  8. They / to help their parents – They help their parents.
  9. The children / to speak English – The children speak English.
  10. I / to buy a newspaper every Saturday – I buy a newspaper every Saturday.

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